About Us

Guests are assured of comfortable old fashioned, gracious country living at its very best. 

"Hosts John and Terence have skillfully created an environment of unique comfort and contentment. They have distilled the essence of South African country style, combining 'platteland' and colonial in a series of evocative and witty interiors of ball-and-claw and axminster, of polished wood and brass, of great beds with fluffy pillows and snowy linen. Outside the red stoeps gleam, the garden blooms and the chickens cluck...." (Laurian Brown, House and Leisure.)

The food is renowned and is a fusion of local and European tastes. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for. Our Jersey cows provide us with fresh milk, cream butter and yogurt. Free range hens supply us with fresh eggs. All the salad greens and herbs are grown on the farm. Service is friendly, discreet and prompt.

"Service was unobtrusively efficient and discreet, but it was the food that really stood out. This was five star, top of the range cooking. Top marks for extremely rare, handmade meals that invited further over-indulgence with every mouthful." (Caroline Hurry, Assistant Editor, Habitat.)


"Quiet Mountain is close enough to town to avert a tedious drive, but far enough for clear luminous night skies and sweet mountain air, it's a haven of 'Luxe, calme et volupte' and we can't wait to go back." ( Rachel Stewart, The Star.)


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